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Page Title: Alberta, Canada
Page Synopsis: An overview of ski and mountain resorts, winter activities, dining, hotels, and nightlife in Alberta, Canada.

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Banff :--: Lake Louise :--: Fortress :--: Nakiska

Alberta Facts

  • Population: 2,974,807 (2001 census, Statistics Canada) 80% urban; 20% rural
  • Alberta 2003 Official Population List
  • Major Cities: Edmonton, Calgary
  • Transportation: 168,014 km of highways and roads, of which 31,000 km are paved.
  • Immigration: 16,290 (2001)
  • Telephone Area Codes: 780 in the northern part of the province, 403 in the south
  • Proclaimed a Province: Sept 1, 1905
  • Time Zone: Mountain Time (two hours behind Toronto or New York; one hour ahead of Vancouver, Seattle or Los Angeles; seven hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT); and six hours behind GMT during Daylight Savings Time)
  • Origin: Alberta was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. When it was named, Alberta was one of four provisional districts of the North-West Territories, and included only part of the present province with the same name.

    Sources: Statistics Canada, Canadian Encyclopedia

    First Foremost Finest

  • Canada's Newest Golf Trail

    Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Inc. is excited to debut its newest product, the Canadian Rockies Golf Trail, for the 2003 golf season.

    The Canadian Rockies Golf Trail is home to world-renowned golf courses featuring breathtaking views of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains in both Alberta and British Columbia. With the trail beginning in the gateway city of Calgary, Alberta, the Canadian Rockies Golf Trail includes the Alberta resorts of Wintergreen in Bragg Creek, Kananaskis Country Golf Course, Stewart Creek and SilverTip in Canmore, and the world famous Banff Springs Golf Resort. The British Columbia resorts include Eagle Ranch in Invermere, Grey Wolf at Panorama, BC’s #1 rated Trickle Creek Golf Resort, St. Eugene Mission, Kimberley Golf Club and Bootleg Gap in the Kimberley area and the Fernie Golf Club. This world-class golf vacation is highlighted by first rate accommodations including Delta, Fairmont and Marriott Hotels.

    “This is the first and best golf trail in Western Canada”, says Matt Mosteller, Director of Business Development for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. He adds, “The Canadian Rockies Golf Trail will be one of the most respected golf destination packages in the world.”


    History: Settlement

    In 1857 an Irish explorer named John Palliser came to the western plains to gather geographical information and to judge whether or not the West was suitable for settlement. He concluded that, indeed, much of the plains would be ideal for farming, but that much of it was too dry. He also described deposits of coal and other minerals. In 1860 a Canadian explorer, Henry Youle Hind, wrote more optimistically about the suitability of the land for farming.

    The single greatest event in Alberta history was the arrival of the railway in 1883. The railway made the Canadian settlement of the West possible. In 1881 there were about 1,000 non-Native settlers in Alberta. Ten years later that number had grown to 17,500.

    The most successful early settlers were the ranchers, who found Alberta's foothills ideal ranching country. Most of Alberta's ranchers were English settlers, but the cowboys - such as John Ware who in 1876 brought the first cattle into the province - were American.

    Farming the prairie proved more difficult. Most newcomers preferred to settle in the United States West, but by the 1890s, most of the American land was taken. In 1897, Canada's minister of the interior, Clifford Sifton, began a massive advertising campaign in Europe to encourage people to come to the Canadian West.

    While most of the early settlers came from Ontario, Britain or the United States, many of the people who came as a result of Sifton's campaign were of German, Ukrainian, and Romanian descent, giving Alberta the diverse population that it has today. The result of Sifton's campaign was spectacular. Alberta's population grew to 73,000 in 1901; to 374,000 in 1911; and to 584,000 in 1921!

    Living in poorly insulated sod huts or flimsy frame huts, the newcomers transformed the plains' open grassland into farms - narrowly surviving Alberta's harsh winters.

     Villages soon popped up at crossroads and were strung along the railway lines. Calgary got an early start in the competition to be Alberta's main city. However, Edmonton got an advantage when it was selected as the provincial capital over Calgary.

    Conflict and Setbacks
    When Alberta became a province in 1905, it was not given control of its own resources - creating a dispute with the federal government. Alberta was given control 25 years later.

    Another source of discontent was the control banks and railways had over the lives of the farmers. The farmers organized co-operatives to sell their wheat, and formed their own political party - the United Farmers of Alberta.

    Alberta suffered severely during the Great Depression of the early 1930s. Droughts, grasshopper plagues, and soil erosion drove many farmers from their land. Even harder to bear was the falling price of wheat. Many farmers went bankrupt and lost their land altogether.


    Alberta's Rich Cultural Heritage

    Find Out More about Alberta's Rich Cultural Heritage

    Alberta's Provincial Museums & Historic Sites
    Our history interpreted. Visit the web sites of 19 Alberta heritage attractions located throughout Alberta.

    Alberta's Heritage
    Visit Alberta's unique Heritage attractions, and learn about archaeology, Pre-Contact, First Nations and Metis, Fur Trade and Mission history by the Heritage Community Foundation.

    Banff · Lake Louise · Fortress · Nakiska

    Home > Alberta    [ bookmark this page ]

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