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Page Title: Summer Activities in Aspen, Colorado
Page Synopsis: An overview of summer activities in Aspen, Colorado.

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Golf, Spa, Tennis, and Yoga Options Thrive at High Altitude in Aspen, Colorado

Pristine Fairways, Courts with a View, and Relaxing Indulgences are Unexpected Amenities in this Mountain Town

What are the ingredients of the ultimate vacation? For most people, this elusive entity involves at least one of the following: playing golf or tennis, indulging in spa services, and more recently yoga! Aspen has ample, easily accessible offerings in all four categories, from its challenging municipal golf course to its numerous high-quality spa facilities. In fact, the serene mountain setting and appreciation for the good life makes Aspen one of the country’s very best places to catch 18 holes, get a massage, play tennis, or take in a relaxing, rejuvenating yoga class—or, if you can swing it, do all four.

 Get Into the Swing…

·    Aspen Golf Club. It’s tough to say which is more impressive about Aspen’s public golf course: its challenging features or its sublime views of the Roaring Fork Valley and towering, snow-capped Pyramid Peak. The course includes a driving range and a new full-service restaurant and bar appropriately named Pyramid Peak. (; 970.925.2145)

·    River Valley Ranch. This 18-hole course, designed by notable golf-course architect Jay Morrish, is a public club with a private-club atmosphere. Located about 40 minutes from Aspen in Carbondale, it includes a restaurant and bar as well as instruction and rentals. (; 970.963.3625)

·    Snowmass Club. This 27-hole golf course will reopen in August 2003 with a new design by renowned course designer James Engh and will be available to both Snowmass Club members and the public. (; 970.923.5600)

Yoga is in…

The ancient discipline of yoga has captivated Aspen. In fact, yoga mats have become the latest must-have accessory, spotted on bikes all over town. For those who want to continue their yoga practice while on the road and for those who want to try out yoga while in Aspen, there are numerous options from beginner to advanced:

·    O2 Aspen. Two local women founded this brand-new yoga and pilates studio and it has been an instant hit among Aspen’s local community with men and women from ages 20 to 70!  O2 offers various forms of yoga practices, as well as Pilates, in a gorgeous bamboo-floored studio on Main Street.  (; 970.925.4002)

·    Mountaintop Yoga. Aspen Skiing Company recently started mountaintop yoga during the summer months and during the winter they will offer pre-skiing yoga. (; 970.925.1220)

·    Bikram’s Yoga College of India. This yoga discipline offers Bikram Hot Yoga in town with a stunning view of Aspen mountain. (970.925.7276)

·    Other options. Many other yoga classes are available at the Aspen Meadows Health Club, The Aspen Club & Spa, Snowmass Club, The St. Regis Aspen and more.

Relax Into the Spa Life…

·    The Aspen Club & Spa. This elaborate 77,000-square-foot facility incorporates a full health club with the comprehensive, cutting-edge SpaAspen. Massage therapy, including Traditional Thai Massage and La Stone, Ayurvedic treatments and more are all part of this facility’s holistic approach to well being—something visitors can get a small taste of with the Alpine Rejuvenator, a three-in-one mini-indulgence at the spa. Also, spa treatments come with a full-day’s access to the health club. (; 970.925.8900)

·    The St. Regis Spa. Nestled inside the luxurious St. Regis hotel, this spa and salon offers a full range of treatments and services from manicures and facials to poolside massage. (; 970.920.3300)

·    Massage Therapy. With a population packed with hard-core skiers, bikers, climbers, and other extreme athletes, Aspen depends on its numerous massage therapists, many of whom have highly customized approaches to their art. These pros are ready to lay their hands where it hurts, with expertise from Shiatsu to Swedish to Hot Stone therapy, and everything in between. 

·    Salons. If a little primping is in order, you won’t have to look very far to find it in Aspen. Spa and salon services are offered at numerous locations around town. The hip, new Red Spa (970.925.4648) is a top salon offering a full menu of services. The Cos Bar, a high-end cosmetics shop, has several treatment rooms for massage, waxing, manicures, pedicures, facials, and more. (970.925.6249) 

Tennis Anyone? …

Although Aspen may be known more for its alpine activities, tennis in the Rockies remains a favorite pastime among both locals and visitors alike. Whether playing on indoor, outdoor, or clay courts, Aspen is not lacking in diverse tennis options. The main difference in playing tennis in Aspen is that the gorgeous views can be an excuse for missing that easy shot.

·    The Aspen Club & Spa. With several indoor and outdoor courts, members and visitors to The Aspen Club & Spa can perfect their game. And if a little guidance can speed things along, The Aspen Club & Spa offers lessons by skilled tennis pros. (; 970.925.8900)

·    Aspen Meadows. Located in the scenic West End of town, Aspen Meadows features tennis with a view, in addition to seasoned tennis professionals for aspiring players. (970.544.7111)

Aspen Public Tennis Courts at the Aspen Golf Course. New clay courts have just been introduced to this locale, near the entrance to Aspen. With Aspen Highlands and Pyramid Peak in the background, tennis never looked so good. (; 970.925.2145)

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Home > Colorado > Colorado Cities > Aspen > Summer Activities    [ bookmark this page ]

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