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Page Title: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Winter Activities
Page Synopsis: An overview of winter activities at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming.

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Let The Fun Begin!

There are more than 2 million snow enthusiasts (64% alpine skiers, 22% cross country skiers, and 14% snowboarders) throughout the United States, at different skill levels, some using shaped skis, others renting the fattest demo skis they can find and others still refusing to give up their long straight boards. Some ski with their buddies while others plan trips for the entire family.

Whatever the ability level or type of equipment they choose, one thing is certain, they all want the most from their winter experience! Jackson Hole Mountain Resort continues to provide one of the most diverse range of experiences in the least populated state in America. If you would like to visit the Resort to experience any of these subjects or events for an article please contact the Communications Department immediately.


Steep and Deep Camps (ski & snowboard)- January, February and March
The Resort celebrates the strength, individuality and accomplishments of men and women. That's why Jackson Hole developed the ski and snowboard Steep and Deep Camps which now run three times a year and book up well before the season with return visitors and new campers. The Camps are taught by top male and female instructors and include four days of skiing or snowboarding, lectures, parties and awards.

Women's Ski Camp - January
This camp allows women to challenge the inner-self and experience the camaraderie of new female friendships. The camp is personally challenging, yet non-competitive, mature, yet charged with energy. The participants confront their individual hurdles on some of the toughest terrain in the US and always come out as winners. For more information about any of the Jackson Hole Steep and Deep Camps call 307 739 2686.

Snow Angels Snowboard Camp - January
During this all-girls gathering, JHMR top female snowboard coaches help intermediate to advanced riders expand their comfort zones. All aspects of riding including physical, mental and emotional are touched upon in a secure and supportive environment. Julie Zell, three times Queen of the Hill (AK) will be working with the coaches and campers to impart her experience of how to be a top woman rider and competitor in a sport that knows no boundaries except your own.

Other camps in this series include, Pepi Stielger Ski and Race Camp, Mountaineering Camp and Backcountry Camp.


JHMR is a totally unique destination. Where else can you take a sleigh ride through 10,000 wintering elk, view herds of bison and be asked to ski defensively to avoid moose on the cat-tracks? Or take in the annual Cowboy Ski Challenge where skiers are pulled over 40 mph behind horses over jumps and other obstacles then kick back and drink Moose Drool in the famous Mangy Moose apres-ski hang out. Two National Parks consider JHMR neighbors, statistics show a skier an acre (still!) on the slopes, and powder can be had in the backcountry almost the entire season. There is harmony to be found …Ski fanatics staying at the slopeside Hostel X hang with the small spa crowd and never a cross word is heard between rider and skier, but if you are looking for pure unadulturated skiiing and riding on the wildest mountain in the lower 48, Jackson Hole cannot be touched…..

Grown men and women squirm in their city offices at the sheer mention of...... Corbet's Couloir, Zero Gravity, Space Walk,...........you get the picture. For years skiers and snowboarders have been testing their skills in the Corbet's Couloir at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. A classic ski run, the couloir is world renowned for its nearly vertical entrance, steep pitch, and variable conditions.

"Corbet's is a run of many moods," states Brian Maguire, Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard School Director. "On a good day, an example being after a big powder dump, one can ski right into the chute, cut a quick left turn to avoid a rock wall, then ski out to the bottom. The light snow makes the ski in, or jump in if conditions warrant, easy for landing and turning. On a bad day, a day when even elite Jackson Hole skiers avoid Corbet's, one has to jump ten to fifteen feet and attempt that quick left turn. If the terrain is rock hard due to low snow or high winds, very few skiers can negotiate that turn. On these days, the ski patrol will close the trail deeming it too hazardous to ski."

Corbet's was named after Jackson Hole ski instructor and mountain guide Barry Corbet. This extreme stretch of skiing terrain was aptly named. Barry was both an extreme skier and mountaineer, having climbed Mt. Everest in 1963 and skied the Jackson Hole backcountry for years.

Corbet's degree of steepness is nearly vertical at the top, thus creating the need to jump into the couloir. The slope then "flattens" to 50 degrees. The overall average steepness is 40 degrees. The width of Corbet's is 40-50 feet within the chute, widening toward the bottom. The vertical drop of Corbet's is 500 feet.

Oh yeah…. This was supposed to talk about Culture too…..Well Corbet’s tends to dominate ON the mountain and off….but if you need to add something else to your list of things you have done in life you can follow Corbet’s with attending a winter series concert at the Grand Teton Music Festival located in Teton Village. (click through to GTMF.org)


There is no getting away from the fact that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a big mountain, some may even call it intimidating. However what better place to bring hyper, city kids to let off some steam and gain some really good bragging rights. The programs for children at JHMR reflect our unique terrain, but of course come with the best coaches and most exciting components for any young hucker. How rewarding to know your child is not off on their own or following the exact motions of a ski school instructor six children ahead, but instead learning a love for the mountains that will continue through to their adulthood. Youngsters can hang out at Fort Wyoming, a western sports playground and for the older ones we include Ske-cology, an interactive program combining ski and snowboard lessons with environmental education. Any of the JHMR Kids Ranch programs, Wranglers (2mths to 2 yrs), Rough Riders (ages 3-6 yrs), Explorers (ages 7-14 yrs) and Team Extreme (ages 12 — 17) will ensure your child wants to go back to the mountains again, and what more could you ask from a family ski vacation?

Off mountain is just as busy. The Kids Ranch has "Kids Night Out" for nighttime activities and of course there is a plethora of things to do such as tubing, snowmobiling to natural hot springs for a swim, sleigh ride through the Elk Refuge, root beer floats at the Saddle Rock Family Saloon and dinner at the world famous Billy’s Burgers in downtown Jackson.

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